1865                        Johannes L. Næs was born at Rosendal August 3rd.

1872                        Magnhild Larsdotter Hjortaas was born at Hatlestrand August 26th.

1883                        Rosendal Song Club was founded; Johannes was among the founding members.

1885                        Ness conducts the choir for the first time.

1885                        Ness makes his debut as master of ceremonies.

1885                    He begins signing and dating his pictures.

1886                    Studied for one month with the marine painter Johan Jakob Bennetter at Sola.

1887                        Ness is licensed to practice as a merchant.

1894                        His home Nesheim is built.

1894                        Magnhild and Johannes are married in the church at Hatlestrand November 2nd.

1895                        Their first child is born on September 7th.

1896                        Johannes Ness and Andreas Klette established the Rosendal Music Band.

1901                        Ness takes over as conductor of the music band.

1902                        He paints the impressive portrait of Magnhild and Laura Ness.

1907                        He probably completes the pipe organ which is later installed at the Church of Ænes.

1910                        The famous actor Stub Wiberg interviews Ness at Rosendal.

1914                        Ness ends his function as conductor of the music band.

1918                        The drawing "September Evening" reprinted in Oslo.

1924                        First version of the documentary prospect “Skaale & Vang 1874”.

1929                        The male choir “Skålagapen” founded with Ness as conductor.

1931                        Ness sends out cards of thanks after the subscription in aid.

1932                        The younger generation takes over the general store.

1933                        “Rosendalssongen” (the song in praise of Rosendal) is composed.

1936                        Ness and Klette are appointed honorary members of the music band.

1937                        Ness resigns his post as conductor of Rosendal Song Club.

1939                        He is awarded the Royal Medal of Merit in Silver.

1943                        Ness paints his last picture “Rosendalsbygden”.

1944                        During the war he conducts a joint orchestra at an illegal music festival.

1944                        Magnhild and Johannes celebrate their golden wedding on November 2nd.

1944                        Johannes L. Ness dies the 15th of November, at the age of 79.

1953                        Magnhild Ness dies the 25th of April, at the age of 80.

1980                        An exhibition of paintings by Lul Krag and Johs. L. Ness is arranged at Rosendal.

2006                    A book on Johannes L. Ness is published and an exhibition of his paintings and

                               drawings are arranged at the Barony of Rosendal.




(1865-1944) frå Rosendal

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